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WEWO stands for Weekend Workshop. We support creative and productive weekend activities for everybody through craft and soft skill workshops.

Founded in Jakarta, WEWO has expanded its wings to three other major cities: Bandung, Tangerang and Bogor. With 40 workshops available, we encourage our participants to adopt self-made spirit in daily lives. We also conducted several humanitarian activities in collaboration with prominent communities in Indonesia.

WEWO was initiated by several creative people who are willing to share their knowledge in certain topics to empower communities. We started weekend workshops to train on specific topics in art and craft area and then – with more trainers joined – we widened our learning topics to other disciples, hard skills and soft skills.
In every class or training, we always put additional knowledge such as business management, marketing and digital marketing to let participants learn the potential adding values of learning the specific skill as well as its economical benefits. Many participants or students have been starting new business using these skills and creating new business ecosystems and trends.
In 2019, we started to focusing on business management trainings as we see the growth of new small business owners in communities we have been collaborate with. In 2020, we are hired by The Ministry of Man Power of Republic of Indonesia as one of main partner for pre-incubation activities and trainings for small business owners from all over Indonesia.